Tidigare studenter arbetar till exempel vid UD, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Deuterlein, Diversity Foundation, Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice, World Bank Group, European Centre for Electoral Support, Försvarsmakten, IAEA, International Shareholder Services, Kairos Future, Kulturdepartementet, Media and Market Research, DeutscheWelle, Migrationsverket, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, MSB, Nonsense London, NYU/Wagner, Sida, Development Finance Statistics, SIPRI, Stockholms universitet, UN, UNDP UNICEF, University of Oxford och Uppsala universitet.

De arbetar till exempel som Account Executive, Admin Officer, analytiker, Auditor and Consultant Public Sector, Charity Account Manager and Campaigner, Chief Operations Officer, Communications Consultant, Coordination Specialist, departementssekreterare, Development Advisor, Environmental Specialist, Gender Specialist, Governance and Reform Adviser, Head of Weapons and Sanctions Research, Legal representative,PhD Candidate, Policy specialist, Political Advisor, Programme Manager, Project Manager & Political Advisor, Researcher, Senior Election Conflict Advisor and Project Director, Strategic Partnership Specialist och Web and Outreach Coordinator.