Data repository

Scripts and data related to Nohrstedt, D., Mazzoleni, M., Parker, C. and Di Baldassarre, G. (2020). Policy change after natural hazard events. Nature Communications

The following files accompany the publication "Policy change after natural hazard events" and contain the following input data files:

The following script (MatLab) files are included:

  • analysis_baselines4.m: script to calculate hazard indices for the four different baseline periods
  • analysis_baseline30yrs.m: script to calculate hazard indices for the baseline period 1980-2011
  • ktaub.m: Mann-Kendall Tau (aka Tau-b) with Sen's Method (enhanced). A non-parametric monotonic trend test computing Mann-Kendall Tau, Tau-b, and Sen Slope written in Mathworks-MATLAB implemented using matrix rotations.
  • load_data.m: script to load the different data used for the analysis.
  • merge_policy_hazard.m: script to estimate the average hazard for the baseline period 2007-2011
  • Plot_Figure1.m: script to plot Figure 1
  • Plot_Figure2.m: script to plot Figure 2
  • processing_hazard_data.m: script to preprocess the selected hazards from the EM-DAT dataset (at country level)
  • processing_policy_data.m: script to merge policy data from different periods and calculate the corresponding averages
  • statistical_analysis.m: script to run the statistical analysis for the baseline 1980-2011 for the different sets of natural hazards
  • Table1_2.m: script used to perform the statistical analysis reported in Table 1.2 of the supplementary material

The following additional files are included:

Source Data file:

Supplementary material: