Njord is doing an intership at Reform Society


Njord Frölander is currently enrolled in Master’s Programme in Political Science, majoring in political science. During the autumn semester 2020, he is doing an internship at Reform Society.

Njord Frölander
Njord Frölander

Where are you undertaking your internship? Why did you apply for an internship there?

Hello! My internship is at a public affairs agency called Reform Society. The office is located right on top of Bio Rigoletto. Hence, my closest colleague has been a red LED sign this semester.

The first semester at the master’s programme I made a list with potential future workplaces. Inspiration came from newspapers, events and the Government Offices' website. However, Reform Society was always my first choice on the list. In my opinion it was a friendly workplace which worked with what I think is interesting, political know-how. One day when I was visiting Studentportalen I saw that Reform Society was looking for Student associates. I applied and got a job. Since then, I have been working and studying at the same time.

What are your main tasks at the internship?

Despite the corona pandemic there has been a lot to do at my internship. For me it has been an incredible advantage to know some of my colleagues in advance, since all meetings are carried out through Zoom and Teams. During my internship my main tasks has been writing reports, do research and to write texts. I do not think there is one thing in particular which I have enjoyed the most. What I enjoy the most is to understand how things work.

To what extent is what you learned during your studies applicable in your internship?

Methods, methods and methods. The program at Uppsala University has given me good tools to understand papers, to write and to be able to think critically when reading research. However, the handiest toolbox I have gained access to what I learned at the master’s methods course.

Would recommend future students to do an internship? Why/why not?

Yes, the internship is the most important thing that you do at the programme. In my opinion is also important to take the internship course during your bachelor studies. Even if your goal is to apply and study the master’s programme. It is easier to understand the courses at the master’s programme if you can reflect on what you learn in relation to work experience.