Students are responsible for arranging there own internships!

Students enrolled on the Bachelor’s Programme in Political Sciences and the Master’s Programme in Political Science have a unique opportunity to gain qualified work experience during their studies. Think about which interests you want to develop during your internship, which kind of organisation you would want to work with and what work you would want to do. Decide if you want to undertake your internship in Sweden or abroad.  

Getting an internship - step by step 

Step 1 
At the beginning of every term, the Department of Government holds an information meeting for students who are interested in undertaking an internship during the following term. 

Step 2 
Those interested in undertaking an internship during the following term send in their interest form. 

Step 3  
Now it is time for you to look for internships. There are several ways to do that: 

  • browse the internship search engines on the web
  • contact organisations in which you are interested 
  • contact organisations where our students have previously interned 
  • check the offers/ads of internships collected on our own web.

When you apply for an internship, you often attach a covering letter and a CV, but some host organisations require more documents such as certificates and grade records. Always check with the organisation which application documents they require. 

Step 4 
When the applications have been received, each organisation selects those students they find appropriate for an internship. With organisations in Sweden, this can be followed by an interview. 

Step 5 
Each organisation will decide on placements. When you have accepted the position, please inform the Internship Coordinator, Marie Nylund who your supervisor/contact person is. 

Step 6 
The department and the organisation will then sign an ”Internship Agreement”, including the name of the supervisor and the planned work assignments. The Internship Coordinator will send the agreement form and additional information to the organisation. 

It is important to point out that it is the organisations that selects which students they wish to host, and therefore it is not certain that every applicant will be offered the internship for which they have applied. Should anyone not get an internship because of the competition, or if no ”appropriate” host organisation could be found, they may apply again the following term.