The department’s internship standards

Since the intern is not paid during the internship and is investing one term's student loan, the tasks assigned to the intern should correspond to the aims of the programme of study for which they are registered. One term's internship corresponds to one term's theoretical studies within the student's programme of study (30 credits). 


Supervision is an important aspect of the studies during the internship term. To make the internship as meaningful as possible for the intern and host organisation, it is vital for the student to be supervised during the internship. To achieve this, the host organisation will assign a supervisor for each intern.  

The supervisory role includes introducing, instructing, following up, and supporting the intern’s work. Both the intern and the supervisor are responsible for relevant tasks being received and that the aim of the internship is fulfilled. They will set up a plan together for how the proposed tasks shall be performed. The supervisor is also responsible for the student obtaining the relevant support and training, if required, to be able to accomplish the given tasks. It is advisable that the student is allocated independent tasks at an early stage in order for them to understand what is required of them and meet other employees. 

The supervisor’s knowledge and experience of the profession are essential resources during the internship. Integrating theory and practice is a process through which the supervisor must take part and contribute with knowledge, support and help in solving specific problems, and discussion about the future professional role. 

Eligibility for internship 

Students at the Bachelor’s Programme in Political Sciences and Master’s Programme in Political Science have the possibility to do one term’s non compulsory internship. The internship term gives academic credits and can therefore be included in the final degree from Uppsala University. Please notice that this is only possible for active students within the Bachelor’s programme in Political Sciences and the Master’s Programme in Political Science. In the Bachelor’s programme, the internship is carried out during the last term (no exceptions). In the Master’s programme, the internship is usually carried out during the fourth term of the programme (exceptions can be made). Please notice that the internship course is on the non-advanced level.

Students on the Bachelor’s programme: 

To be eligible for the internship course, you must have completed 75 credits from the first three semesters of the programme and you must be enrolled in the C course in your main field of studies. 

Master’s students: 

To be eligible for the internship course, you must have completed 30 credits at the advanced level or equivalent. 


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