Study Guidance at the Department of Government

The study counsellors can provide you with information about university courses and programmes and offer counselling about studies, work and the labour market. If you have questions about university rules, admission requirements or graduation rules, do not hesitate to ask.

STUDy councellors

Visiting address: Gamla Torget 6, 7th floor

Freestanding courses
Marie Nylund
Phone: +46 18 471 12 04

Master's Programme in Political Science, freestanding courses
Anna Reuterhäll
Phone: +46 18 471 57 24

Students with disabilities
Anna Reuterhäll
Phone: +46 18 471 57 24

Studying with disabilities


You can contact Uppsala University’s Study Counsellors and Career Office for more general questions about the programmes and courses offered by the University, to discuss your studies, future career and employment opportunities, as well as for questions regarding university rules and regulations, admission requirements and degree requirements.

Study and career counselling

The Student Office

Questions regarding your courses? Please contact the Student Office.


Telephone: +46 18 471 12 06

  • Telephone hours Monday to Friday 9.30–11.30 and 13–15.


Visiting address

Gamla Torget 6, 7th floor
Opening hours for the Student Office:

  • Monday and Wednesday, 13–15
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 9.30–11.30 

Friday, closed to visitors but we are available via telephone.

Postal address

Statsvetenskapliga institutionen
Box 514
751 20 Uppsala

Opening hours

The reception, Gamla Torget 6:

  • Monday to Thursday 8–16
  • Friday  8–12 

During holidays other opening hours will apply.

Telephone: +46 18471 70 40

The Department of Government's premises:

  • Monday to Friday 8–18 (8–20 with access card and code)
  • Saturday closed
  • Sunday 10–18 with access card and code