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Political science seeks to make sense of the fundamentals of political life. Power, influence and other key political concepts are deployed to explore the role of the state and its relation to social structures and individual lives. Modern political science addresses questions of governance from a range of perspectives that vary in terms of their empirical focus, theoretical influence and methodology.

Development studies analyses political, economic and social processes of change from a global perspective and studies the prerequisites for sustainable development within different policy areas in an unequal world.

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Uppsala Political Science Students Association

Uppsala Political Science Students Association (UPS) is the programme association for students of the Bachelor and Master programmes in political science at Uppsala University. The association was created in 1995 and offers a wide range of activities for its members, concerning both studies and social life. All to give you the best possible university experience!

The association is open to all students aiming for a degree in political science from Uppsala University!

Uppsala Political Science Students Association

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